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Sometimes around holidays, Amaretto likes to put together Special Editions and for the 2011 Holidays released these very special K-9s: Santa Paws, Santa’s Little Yelper, Out on the Woof Top and Frosty the Snow Pug (See 2011 Holiday Special Edition).

There were two big differences to the 2011 Holiday Special Edition, Mystique coats and Runes Eyes.

By breeding two of the 2011 Holiday Special Edition together, there is a chance for a K-9 coat that we call the Mystique coat.

The Mystique coat DOES have the ability to pass.

If you breed one Holiday Special Edition K-9 with any other K-9 there is a chance for an eye called Runes. The Runes Eye DOES have the ability to pass.

On March 30, 2012 we announced that if you breed two Mystiques of the same color or two Runes eyes of the same color something magical could happen.

The Mystique Rainbow Quartz K-9 is what can come from breeding two Mystique K-9s of the same color together.

The Mystique Rainbow Quartz coat Does have the ability to pass.

Color Code for Mystiques:

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